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We are a people first growth tech company. 

Working with you to close the gap between technology and business, strategy and execution, ambitions and growth.


Growberry is committed to Customer Success. Our mission is to serve as your Trusted Advisor on the journey with Growth Tech. You might be wondering, what exactly is Growth Tech? Well, it encompasses every piece of technology you require within your corporation to foster business growth.

We are a People-First Growth Tech company, dedicated to addressing our customers' Commercial, Technology, and Experience Design challenges. Our roots are deeply embedded in Reaktor's Fusion Ecosystem, and we specialize in maximizing especially the potential of Salesforce for your business.

Commercial Excellence

Spanning everything from business processes and sales KPIs, to GTM strategies and innovative business models, we're committed to propelling our customers toward greater growth.

  • When was the last time you aligned your company's critical objectives with the processes and workflows in your CRM?
  • Do you truly have the reins of your business firmly in hand?
  • Or perhaps your business is venturing into the realm of new subscription services, yet finds itself anchored by a CRM system designed for traditional BOM/SKU sales?
  • Can you effortlessly navigate forecasting and invoicing in today's landscape?
  • Interested in unlocking the next level of Commercial Success? Reach out, and let's embark on this transformative journey together!

Growth Tech & Platforms

Creating a comprehensive Customer 360° view goes beyond using a single technology stack. Our approach assists our clients in unlocking the full potential of their existing stack.

  • Are you confident in the security of your platform and the compliance of your access management protocols?
  • You're not expecting any GDPR issues, right?
  • When was the last time your growth technology underwent an evaluation, and how effectively are you managing your CRM's technical debt?
  • What does your roadmap look like, or are you in need of one?
  • Interested in discovering how we can support your journey from architecture to development? Reach out today and let's start the conversation!

Design & Experience

Our Optimised Design System delivers a return on investment in just 3 months. We empower our clients to elevate their Employee Experience (EX) and Customer Experience (CX) to unprecedented heights.

  • Does simplifying feel like an uphill battle? Would you concur that complexity tends to accumulate as time progresses?
  • Is it crucial for you to grasp the essentials, or should you trust that platform vendors have all the answers?
  • Are you looking to leverage top-tier design strategies to enhance your technology's customer or employee experience as part of your growth journey?
  • How about the business case and productivity?
  • Our Design System provides the guidance you need to maintain focus. Allow us to take a swift look at your CRM, and we'll outline precisely how we can support you throughout this endeavor!

Go beyond

Regardless of your needs - be it Technical Due Diligence or Business Case support or perhaps something entirely different - reaching out to us is a step worth taking. Discover how our seasoned team can support you in ways you might not have imagined.

  • Our team has been instrumental in guiding our clients through business evolutions, mergers and acquisitions, transformative initiatives, and navigating challenging situations. This success is a testament to the profound seniority and thought leadership our team possesses
  • Here are a few examples:
    • Design and execute innovative Revenue Lifecycle Management solutions that streamline the process of offering, finalizing sales, and managing contracts and their renewals through a comprehensive, integrated approach
    • Assisting in selecting and deploying the perfect tools for your business to Configure, Price, and Quote (CPQ), adapting effortlessly to the ever-changing landscape
    • Crafting product and pricing models that seamlessly integrate with your chosen CPQ tool
    • Evaluating the ideal operating framework for both Centers of Excellence and AMS vendors
    • Blueprint for post-merger architecture aimed at seamless business expansion


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Through in-depth exploration, we identify your business's core challenges. We then chart out potential opportunities and construct hypotheses for creating value

Qualitative human insights

Interviews and shadowing sessions with customers, industry experts, SME's and executives

Quantitative research

Discover business & open data, boosted with AI

Value hypothesis

Identify potential areas for growth and establish the initial metrics to track progress

Org assessment

Gain insights into existing system workflows, analyze critical data, and uncover primary user challenges


Design tangible digital vision and prepare for implementation with an actionable roadmap

Co-create vision

Design a Tangible experience vision

Strategic roadmap

Define business priorities & key milestones

Reference architectures

Review required architecture against the vision


Demonstrate key user flow to get sign off


Ensure fast time to market with a logical governance model and best practices for your company. Deliver or manage customer preferred partner

Seamless design and delivery

Through agile collaboration, we guarantee that the final outcomes align perfectly with your design, technical and business specifications

Advice to choose right delivery model

We guide you in choosing and overseeing the right implementation partners, ensuring you maximize the benefits from each collaboration

Govern together

Guide the project with the best governance practices in mind

Go beyond

Maximise the value of your growth platform through a successful people-centric adoption and iteration

Change management

Deal with the transition of goals, processes & tech

User experience

Gauge user satisfaction and engage in iterative improvements based on user feedback when necessary

Value realisation

Monitor milestones and performance through jointly established benchmarks


Sami Lampinen

Co-founder & Managing Partner
+358 44 554 5538

Rakesh Satharasi

Co-founder & CTO
+358 40 216 1889



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