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Growth Tech manifesto

Have you ever met an advisor, consultant or maybe even a sales rep who just gives you that feeling that he or she knows exactly what you need and can even assist in building a plan for achieving it? Maybe not so often, but surely sometimes. What's the secret sauce, or should I say secret smoothie they have? Answer: Simply a genuine interest and willingness to understand your problem and seek a better solution for it.

We are in the process of building this Growberry “thing” and I’ve been thinking about how we can make sure we as a company aim to do exactly this in building better growth tech solutions for people? How can we inject that noble intention into our DNA, especially when we hire talent worldwide and continue to grow? How can we nurture it and constantly keep it on our mind?

Luckily there is greater existing wisdom and well-rooted practices that we can also adopt, instead of having to do it all from scratch. Agile custom development was born over 20 years ago, when a  group of senior fellows came up with the original agile manifesto, which has inspired us at Growberry to create a “Growth Tech Manifesto”.

If we had a copier room (maybe one day we will have..actually I wonder if anyone still has those?!) we would have this printed on our wall reminding us about it every day we walk by.


If you have seen the original agile manifesto - this is the same - except we have injected “Growth Technology” in it. Why fix something if it’s not broken? Instead, we respect this manifesto and it’s a solid foundation to build on top of. We have come to value the things mentioned above as in this new paradigm of work we believe that it’s better to prioritise collaboration and responding to change over the strict “follow of the plan” way of working.

So here we are, a team of Growth and Technology experts, industry leaders, experience designers, strategists who all have extensive and relevant experience in this sphere. We want to embrace common sense over nonsense.

If you are a customer or partner (or perhaps a competitor, even though we view them as partners also), please join the “better growth tech for people” movement and copy this manifesto to your wall, send us a picture and get a piece of Growberry swag. Let's make growth tech better together!

Wishing you a great year 2024!