Culture & what I learned about it while visiting Lisbon?

November 24, 2022

Written by
Sami Lampinen

Culture eats strategy for breakfast was famously said by Peter Drucker. This corporate statement must have been researched quite a bit on various studies. Even without reading any of these research studies, we also have so much of our own experience on this specific topic!

I wanted to write shortly about company culture after I visited Lisbon and met people from the “mothership” a.k.a. Reaktor* at their local office. My recent personal experience prior to this made me think that one can also be a prisoner of a company culture- in some cases it's maybe a curse rather than a blessing. When I was observing the way Reaktor builds and nurtures their culture (btw I have seen some other great companies like Fluido set a good example too) I really saw a big difference in people being passionate about their company and by that creating value for themselves as well as the company and most importantly for its customers.

Couple of examples of what I mean are essential building blocks of good company culture;

1) Genuine feeling of the company taking care of you in good times (obvious!) but also through bad times

2) Your feelings are respected equally. E.g. it's ok for you to say that you prefer not working with a customer if your values just don't match theirs
3) Talking about things as they are respectfully (rather than beating around the bush), builds trust and this also helps make better decisions as a group. For me the “seek for the better in everything” is a manifestation of a great culture and growth mindset.

The three points mentioned above are easier said than done, but to put it simply, it means that a great company is a result of its culture and its talent.
It cannot exist without one and the other, culture brings the talent and talent builds the culture.

We want to hire talented people who are passionate about building this next generation Growth Tech advisory company. In days to come we will share our open job opportunities and we look forward to discussing with you about your talent and passion to contribute for a healthy, rich, open minded and constantly evolving culture.

Wishing You a berry good week ahead!

P.S. In my next blog post I share you the Growberry’s growth tech manifesto, you might hear about it in the job opportunity discussions as well

*Reaktor is an investor in Growberrry & GB is a part of Reaktor’s Fusion ecosystem (more info can be found on Growberry's Linkedin page)